Hyde Street Keg Party 2012 – roundup

by Pete George

It seems like the Hyde Street Party went well, unsurprisingly it was well attended, with only minor problems reported. Of course some people got drunk, that’s a part of Kiwi culture, and a few personal items like cameras and sunglasses were lost. But hopefully post people enjoyed themselves.

Hyde Street keg party 2012

- Facebook pics

The media don’t have a lot to say which suggests it was more fun than sensationally newsworthy, which is a good sign.

The ODT have video coverage: Video: Students pack out Hyde St for keg party.

…thousands flocked to the annual keg party dressed as everything from Tarzan to a yellow submarine.

An estimated 4000 students were in the north Dunedin street at the peak of the party and at 3pm police closed the packed street to stop anyone else entering.

In that report an OUSA organiser (very well organised said it was a lot of funny and trouble free. And this from TVNZ suggest there were relatively few issues.

Keg party 

The party, a huge collection of boozed students, inevitably lead to drunken antics, with a number climbing on top of nearby rooves.

At least three people were injured falling off rooves, and one roof collapsed, though luckily no-one was injured.

Inspector Greg Sparrow of Dunedin Police said that there were a number of highly intoxicated people, and a one-way policy was instigated, so that students could leave but not return.

Sparrow said that while there had been a number of arrests, people were on the whole well-behaved.

The closure of the event will be a disappointment to organisers, who had hoped for good behaviour, as the City Council has proposed a liquor band for North Dunedin.

Both ODT and TVNZ reported that the party had to be closed down:

ODT: Police were forced to close Hyde St and move people off roofs

TV1: Headline: Keg party shut down by Dunedin police  and “A keg party in Dunedin attended by thousands of drunken revellers has been shut down by police.”

But that has been claimed to be nonsense. Dave Gooselink on Twitter:

Don’t be misled by Hyde St angles on State TV. Yes police closed street side of the party ~6pm, but residents already knew that was the plan

Police said they were actually pretty happy with behaviour overall at Hyde St party. Glass ban a success & One-way policy started mid-arvo

It was a good day overall. Light rain mid-arvo helped prevent major dramas. A few partygoers injured falling off rooves

Flat parties continued in Hyde Street after the already-planned move to close down the street party just after 6pm. Some media love beatups

Interesting to see a media man beating up on the media bull, but Dave tends to be a straight talker (yes, there are some in media).

TV3 don’t seem to have any post party coverage (yet) which suggests nothing sensational happened.

EDIT – added report:

Cops control keg party

At least 15 people were arrested and police initiated a one-way entry policy at Dunedin’s infamous Hyde Street Keg Party last night.

The party, which ran from the early hours of yesterday through until about midnight, attracted thousands of people, most dressed in a theme.

Yesterday afternoon police initiated a policy whereby those who left the street were not allowed back in.

People were also being moved off roofs. This year glass was banned at the event.

Seems like a more accurate report from Stuff (The Press).


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